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How The Fully Managed WhatsApp Chatbot Platform Helps Your Business

What Your WhatsApp Business Chatbots are Capable of.

WhatsApp chat automation can increase connectivity for enterprise and customers. They can nurture leads, and build customer loyalty.

Enhanced Customer Service

The WhatsApp chatbot platform is designed in such a way that it is integrable with CRM, ERP and various other business systems and enables seamless communication between businesses and customers. WhatsApp auto reply keeps you connected with businesses

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Improve Marketing Campaigns With WhatsApp Chatbot

WhatsApp chat can promote your products and services such as prompting upcoming events, new arrivals, new services, new offers/discounts to your customers globally. The fully managed WhatsApp chatbot platform offers a chatbot expert to improve marketing campaign

Ease of Access to Customers

A WhatsApp chatbot eliminates the need for customers to download a separate application or visit the official website to contact a business. Customers just have to interact via a chatbot for WhatsApp just as they chat with any other contact on the app.

Reduce Support Costs

Dealing with routine queries such as “where is my shipment” or “why is an item missing” can easily soak up a significant chunk of time in the contact center. These questions are repetitive and predictable. WhatsApp bot can automatically answer many of these questions and at an extremely low cost.

Achieve the Goals with WhatsApp Chatbot

Let us have a look at the different use cases in the online businesses where WhatsApp chat can prove to be beneficial

Customer Acquisition

First and foremost, the official WhatsApp chatbots offers a great opportunity to capture prospects online more naturally than ever.

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Increase Sales

With WhatsApp chatbot, you can engage with new customers and personalize the overall sales cycle.

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Live Customer Support

It is, first of all, a powerful messaging channel that allows you to get in touch with your clients whenever and wherever they are, efficiently.

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Better Marketing

Enjoy higher engagement rate and better brand recognition by reaching out to your audience on a platform they already use.

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Collect Feedback/Reviews

Feedback and reviews help you sell but collecting them is no easy quest. But through WhatsApp it's quite easy and personalized

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